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Advanced Spine Surgery, More Accessible And Image Guided.

Fulfilling our commitment to being a clinical and economical solution with advanced enabling technology for spine care.

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The Impact Of Precision Navigation

“Anatase” assists in the safe placement of implants, especially in anatomically critical areas. Real-time visualization of instruments leads to greater accuracy of implant placement and reduced X-Ray exposure at the same time.

Reduction in radiation exposure

Cost-effective image reconstruction with pre-CT image and only 2 X-ray images.

Screw placement accuracy

Real-time Image guidance for all pedicle screw implementation workflow.

Maximum compatibility of screw system

User-friendly instrument verification with rapid registration.

Unique image viewer

Unique image viewer for different surgical procedure

Visualize Precise Placement
Surgical Planning

Adjust screw position and depth based on preoperative CT Images

Quick Reference

The reference can be docked in the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine (PSIS) or Spinous Process.

CT And C-Arm Registration

Registration is processed by pre-CT imaging and two X-Ray images.

Real-Time Navigation

Select trajectory with real-time guidance and verify with with the c-arm.

REMEX Core Technology - Software
Optional Trajectories Planning

Provides optional pre-operative and intra-operative trajectory planning functions to visualize implant placement and maximize operating room utilization.

2D&3D Registration

The core technology enhances precision and safety within rapid setup time. Based on pre-operative CT images and two intra-X-ray images, the advanced image algorithm and reconstruction software complete the registration efficiently.

3D Realtime Navigation

After user-friendly instrument verification, the navigated instruments and implants will clearly view in real-time. The relative position of all devices and the patient will be under control and displayed on unique image viewers for different surgical procedures.

Spinal Navigation Instruments

Pin Reference

Pin Reference

A stable type of reference with two pins docked in the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine (PSIS).

Clamp Reference

Clamp Reference

A quick and convenient type of reference that clamped on the spinal process.



Calibrated navigated instruments and implants, including the different dimensions of pedicle screws.



Sharp enough to allow the surgeon to create trajectories in the vertebra.

Universal Handle

Maximum compatibility of fixation system.


Reference with pins, with two pins dock in the PSIS, more stable.
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