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What is Minimal Invasive Surgery?

In traditional surgery, the surgeon will make a large cut to operate. However, after the minimally invasive approach came out, it became a better option for the surgeon.

Minimal Invasive Surgery makes smaller incisions, less tissue damage, fewer complications, and lower bleeding. That means patients have minimal pain and shorter recovery time.

What is Spine Navigation System?

Just like the car navigation system we use every day, the surgeon can use a navigation system to confirm the position of implants and instruments in the body during the surgery.

The spinal surgery navigation system is an innovative technique to navigate instruments based on 3D images. It can visualize the spine and help surgeons real-time check the instrument position and realize safe and efficient operation.

What is the value for using Spine Navigation System?

  • Precisely placed the screws
  • Reduce radiation exposure
  • Reduced surgical complications
  • Reduced the rates of re-operation
  • Tiny wounds, low bleeding, and short hospital stays
  • Fast postoperative recovery

Questions to ask your Surgeon?

As with any surgery, there are potential benefits and risks associated with each procedure. Only your doctor can determine if you are a candidate for a surgical procedure. If your doctor has recommended surgery to relieve your neck or back pain, here are some questions that you may want to ask before surgery.

You will be able to print or save these questions to take to your appointment.
What is the specific cause of my neck pain or back pain
What type of surgery is suitable for me?
Are there any other procedures suitable for me? What are the benefits or risks to me of having this type of surgery?
How long will the surgery take?
Will this type of surgery be expensive? Which insurance plans cover this type of surgery?
Will I need any medicines or physical therapy after surgery?
When can I retune home after surgery?
Will I need anyone to help me move after surgery?
When can I return to daily life such as school, work, or exercise?

Learn more about Anatase Spine Navigation

Our Anatase Spine Navigator assists in the safe implementation, especially in anatomically critical areas. Real-time visualization of instruments leads to greater accuracy of implant placement while sparing X-Ray exposure.

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